Finisher Feature - Jesska Daughtery: Hiking is for Everybody

"I love new adventures and new trails but this year really pushed me to explore trails closer to home. I hiked my hometown trail 15 times. I used to think of this trail as easy and boring. This year, I got to see it change throughout the seasons and realized how beautiful it truly is. It became a sanctuary for me. Hiking it feels like going home."

Jesska Daughtery Finisher Story

What helped you stay motivated while on the 52 Hike Challenge?

"I think hiking is for every body. I'm not thin or the most fit but I know that I have the determination to finish any trail. I love challenging myself and making time for hiking which is good for the soul."

Favorite Trails:

Chief Mountain, Mt. Sniktau, Mt. Flora, Hellroaring, anything in a national park

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