Finisher Feature - Renae Midkiff: Family Bonding Through The 52 Hike Challenge

"I did this challenge with my family.
A hike only counted if all 4 of use were together.
My husband and I love hiking together, but we didn't hike much while our kids were little. We decided to join this challenge with the intention of having regular family time, getting the kids out into nature to explore our new home state of Colorado.
The experience was great! We loved the family time and found many great trails. Our kids (ages 9 and 7) were not always eager to go for a hike, but we saw their attitudes change while out and about experiencing the vast natural beauties and abundance of wildlife Colorado hiking has to offer. It was enjoyable to watch the seasons change and our girls grow into confident, responsible, attentive hikers. To expand on our altitude and terrain experiences, we went snow shoeing for the first time up in the mountains and plan to have many more winter hikes later this year.
We now find that with every opportunity available we are out hiking and will keep hiking together most every weekend if possible!"


Favorite Trails:

What helped you stay motivated to finish the challenge? 

I joined the 52 Hike Challenge-Colorado Chapter on Facebook. This is a great group of people who encourage each other.

Posting each hike on Facebook helped me stay motivated to finish. I also used the 52 Hike Challenge Hiking Log and tracked our hikes by using the Map My Walk app on my phone.

Congratulations to the Midkiff family on their achievement, wishing you many more years of hiking together! 

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