Finisher Feature - Suzie Zaragosa: Courage through Hiking

"I have so many things to say when it comes to this challenge. It was one of the first I joined when I really wanted to to step up my  hiking game in 2017. Thanks to this challenge I have grown so much as individual and learned so much about myself and what it takes not only accomplish goals but to go above and beyond.

Suzie Zaragosa Finisher Story

The 52 hike challenge showed me that I am capable of so much more than what I give myself credit for. Each year I have joined I not only finish but I have exceeded my goals!"

What helped you stay motivated for the 52 Hike Challenge?

"I kept a hiking log and was very good at journaling my adventures. Each hike always teaches me something new and I love going back to reflect on my journey. It’s so funny because I remember each hike like it was just yesterday. "

Favorite Trails:

Griffith Peak in Nevada

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