GOAL: Get outdoors and hike once a week for an entire year.

2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package
2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package

2023 52 Hike Challenge Sign Up + Standard Package


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Are you ready to take on a life-changing journey?  Are you ready to do whatever it takes to complete the challenge, including meeting new adventure partners and exploring places you have never been before? If so, we welcome you to the Original Series 52 Hike Challenge! 

The Standard package signs you up for the 52 Hike Challenge and saves you money!

Pick your choice of:

  • 2023 Sign up + Original Logo patch, stickers, and 2023 medal 
  • 2023 Sign up + 2023 Limited Edition logo patch, stickers, and medal

 Bundle items details (includes discount):  

  • Get a high-quality 3" Official 52 Hike Challenge Finisher Medal worthy of displaying proudly for your accomplishment!
  • 52 Hike Challenge 3-inch Patch
  • 2-pack of 52 Hike Challenge 3-inch Stickers
  • Resources Exclusive to Our Challengers
  • 52 Hike Challenge Digital Journal Download
  • Exclusive discounts from our partners:  AllTrails, Tailwind, and Cairn App! Coupons updated often with over $50+ in savings!
  • Kick-off Celebration & Support Call with all challengers
  • Quarterly Check-Ins & Support Calls with all challengers to keep you motivated and share your experiences
  • Digital Celebration with all challengers - you did it!

    This medal will be sent to you after you place your order, we'll even send to you in a package that says "Do Not Open Until Hike 52" so you can have it on your 52nd hike and keep it around to motivate you throughout the year! We do thank you for going the extra mile by supporting us through purchasing this Finisher Medal and starting your journey with us.


    You can start the 52 Hike Challenge anywhere in the world at anytime and track your 52 Hikes from the date you decide to start. Your medal year will be the year that you start the challenge. 

    Since it is our mission to make this challenge accessible to people of all abilities, we'll count 1-mile minimum as a hike. You can do repeat hikes.


    We're with you every step of the way. By signing up you get access to resources we have curated for you, including a downloadable hiking log, access to our Facebook online community and more! You'll also receive emails with motivation, events and more to help you on your journey. 

    Benefits Of The Challenge

    Explore Nature

    Research has found changes in the brain and body that suggest we are physically and mentally more healthy when we are interacting with nature.

    Connect with Family & Friends

    Family exercise can improve happiness and overall life satisfaction for everyone, creating a happier, healthier unit.

    Physical Fitness

    Depending on the duration and trail grade, hiking may burn a significant number of calories. As such, it can aid weight loss when paired with a healthy diet.

    Manage Your Well-being

    Spending time in natural settings can help one feel happier and lessen the effects of stress.


    In addition to sporting great swag and pledging to your goal, you are helping us to spread the 52 Hike Challenge mission of getting more people outdoors. The proceeds also help fund our chapter development to provide more accountability and community among those who are changing their lives through the outdoors.




    "Hiking helped me during my battle with breast cancer, it kept me strong, positive and healthy enough to fight better against chemo and radiation treatment. I am 15 months cancer-free and I strongly believe hiking helped me."

    -Meredith Crane

    "I made it! I hiked 52 trails in one year!! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of being done. Of completing one of the hardest challenges I have ever taken on. I’m stronger now than I was a year ago."

    -Valerie Bougart

    "When I finished my 52 Hike Challenge I felt incredibly accomplished. I felt like for the first time in my life I started using my time to do something that was just for me. I must say that the biggest accomplishment comes after you finish. Since finishing my challenge I have done and decided to do so many things I would've said no to in the past. "

    -Nicole Brown