Official 52 Hike Challenge Tracker Board | Wood Mountain Puzzle

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We've partnered with Whake Studios to bring you this special edition tracker board (with Free Shipping)! 

Make taking the 52 Hike Challenge fun and commemorate your journey with this tracker board.  It's easy to stay on track with your 52 Hike Challenge when you have this beautiful display board to help you indicate which hikes you've completed, and which hikes you still need to do.

Professionally laser engraved and cut on high quality ¼” thick Cherry wood. Each of the triangular 52 pieces fit nice and snug so you don’t have to worry about them falling out, and you can re-use it for next year's challenge too!


18” x 11” bucket list board
All pieces for completion of 52 hikes
Black backer for elegant presentation in any home

• How do I hang it?
We use 3M strips for ours and it works great! You can get them at Walmart or Home Depot.