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For the New Year’s promo we have included some pre-made messages and images below. You can also get images and dynamic banners under “Creatives” in your Refersion portal: 

  • Are you looking for a worthy goal to attempt in 2020? How would you like to go on a year long journey that will change your life in a positive way? From bonding with friends/ family, creating new friends, building confidence, increasing physical fitness, relieving stress, anxiety or depression - these are all things our finishers have told us the Challenge gave them! Check out the @52HikeChallenge if you would like to enjoy the benefits derived from getting outdoors more. The goal is simple, sign up and commit to a hike a week. That's it! Best of all it's FREE to join. Sign up and learn more at

  • We have partnered with @52HikeChallenge in 2020 and want to get more people outdoors. The ask is simple, the challenge is persistence - make it a goal to get outdoors a minimum of once per week for the next year! Think of all the places you can explore by making it your year of adventure! Best of all it's FREE to join. Sign up and learn more at

  • Do you want to explore new places, make new friends, and gain the physical and mental benefits derived from hiking once a week? Then the @52HikeChallenge is just the thing for you! Learn more at

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