Rescue and Evacuation Services

Now that you’ve decided to commit to the 52 Hike Challenge you’re going to be outdoors often. Are you concerned about snakes, broken bones, sprain, falls, altitude sickness, getting lost on the trails? A helicopter rescue could cost you on average ten thousand dollars. At 52 Hike Challenge, we are with you every step of the way and have partnered with Global Rescue to give you piece of mind when on your adventures. Global Rescue missions include rescues from the world’s deepest canyon in Peru to the world’s highest peaks in the Himalaya -- and everywhere in between.


Here’s How It Works:

  • Travel or trek more than 100 miles, from home and you're covered (both domestically and internationally). There is no activity restriction. For example, if you are vacationing in the Bahamas and feel sick, or hiking in Tanzania and need to be evacuated, call Global Rescue for any reason.  They will evaluate and perform field rescue services if necessary.
  • Members call Global Rescue, they coordinate the evacuation. Now there is no need to get reimbursed by other service providers. Global Rescue will take care of the logistics, medical advice and care. Individuals don’t foot the bill for extraction services. Traditional providers only reimburse after the fact, leaving the insured to handle the logistics themselves and dealing with the hassle of reimbursements.
  • 24/7 Medical Advisory services from In-house critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians to get answers, advice and care for medical problems while on the trail or traveling.
  • To use the rescue benefit, members must call Global Rescue during an emergency first.

What You Receive:

  • 24/7/365 Medical Advisory Services from in-house critical care paramedics
  • Domestic and international coverage rescue and evacuation services when you call Global Rescue for support.
  • Your benefit covers the Field Rescue expenses of transport from point of injury to medical facility or home, by any means necessary when traveling.
  • Comprehensive case management and emergency communications for you throughout active operations
  • Access to Global Rescue’s vetted network of medical Centers of Excellence
  • If you are in a tough spot, Global Rescue will initiate emergency services. They take the guesswork and assist the member to organize the extraction. 
  • Coverage available across the world.
  • No elevation restriction.


Additional Information:

Global Rescue is not an insurance company. They are a membership organization that provides advisory, rescue and evacuation services. Global Rescue must be contacted at the time of an incident and are unable to reimburse members for any rescue not organized by Global Rescue. (If Global Rescue organizes and/or performs the rescue and the criteria below are met, there is no cost to the member)

For Global Rescue to cover the costs of a medical evacuation, the member must be ill or injured and require in-patient hospitalization. This determination is made by Global Rescue’s medical team at the time of an incident. Global Rescue will never deny services to a member in need, but in cases where this threshold is not met the member will be responsible for the cost of the evacuation. Global Rescue may ask the member for a credit card to cover the cost of services requested for transports of convenience.

Communication is critical in any back-country or wilderness rescue situation. Global Rescue strongly recommends that members carry or have access to a satellite phone. The Global Rescue emergency number (1.617.459.4200) can be pre-programmed into the phone and it is helpful to let your partners and/or guides know that you have our service. It is also important to carry spare batteries for any extended trip.