Hiking Accessories 101

Let’s discuss hiking accessories today, this is part two of hiking essentials you may want to consider when making the outdoors a priority in your life.

1. Sunglasses – For sun and snow protection, you will want a good pair of polarized sunglasses with UV protection.


2. Hat – Keep the sun off your head by always bringing a hat. Make it more functional by buying a convertible hat that has sun protection for your neck and face too! These days you can find hats made with sun protective fabric as well.


3. Bandana – I love carrying a bandana as it serves many purposes, You can  wipe your nose when runny. It can keep you cool in the heat, just add water to it and apply to face and neck. You can use it as a napkin for lunch. You can also use it as a pee rag (yes I said that.)

4. Multifunctional Headwear or Balaclava. Either a tube-like cloth or full face mask, that can be worn in many ways. It can cover your ears, neck, and more! Great for those extra cold days, protect your face from sun burn and wind. Plus, new technology in some of these allows it too keep you cool in the sun and dry sweat quickly.



4. Gloves for the cold or sun protection –  The temperatures and conditions will dictate what kinds of gloves you will want, material, filling, etc. Warm gloves are especially helpful when in cold weather or when you need to have layers, as mornings and evenings can be chilly. You can also use sun gloves when you want maximum protection from the sun. Consider investing in a pair of ultra-thin material to keep your hands protected. 

5. Gaiters – Most people didn’t know what gaiters were when I polled the community. Gaiters help keep snow, rocks, dirt and water out of your shoes, socks and pants. I use them when I go in deep snow. There are various options when picking Gaiters. You can learn more about Gaiters here.

6. Bug Net – When bugs and mosquitoes are out, sometimes only a bug net will keep them away from your face and neck. 

Did we forget any accessory? Feel free to add in the comments below. 

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hiking accessories 101

hiking accessories 101

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